Man tries to weasel out of paying for wife’s child

After a paternity test, an Oklahoma man found out his three year old son is not his, biologically, after all.  This Fox affiliate reports it as though the deadbeat dad is the victim.

Thomas married his pregnant high school sweetheart, and now during the divorce he has suddenly demanded a paternity test.  Out of nowhere, the man has decided to disavow his loving child just because he’s mad at the wife who he was unable to satisfy in marriage.

Oklahoma courts have justifiably ignored the results of the test and continue to order Thomas to pay for his wife to raise the child.  By rule, the father must request the paternity test within two years to get out of paying child support.  The man has already accepted the boy as his child and that grace period has ended.

If he wanted to reject the child, he had that chance, and now he must stand by his decision.  His former wife did everything in her right to choose a father-figure for her offspring and to mislead him into believing he was her only lover and, of course, the father.  Instead of confronting the misinformation at that time, the loafer of a father lied in an attempt to fool the woman into believing he would raise her child.

The judge has ruled that Thomas must pay $500 a month and around $15,000 in back payments to the mother.


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