You won’t believe the reaction to this Black Santa!

A black man dressed as Santa Claus in a Memphis, Tennessee bank was harassed by outraged white people.  Presumably upset at the thought of Santa Claus being something other than a white Christian, conservative locals took things to whole new level.

In the security video below, you can see jolly old Saint Nick handing out candy canes to employees and customers at the Memphis City Employee Credit Union.

Simply due to the fact that this Santa was black, the POLICE were called!  The claim was that he was “ROBBING the bank”.

No one depicted in the video were available to comment.  How predictable.  When police showed up, they were told this black man had robbed the bank (with candy in hand).  Fortunately, Santa was able to get away, but police are on the lookout for him.

They are convinced, despite clear evidence to the contrary, that he robbed the bank.  Because a black man goes into a bank with a mask on, police assume he must be robbing it.

THIS is Trump’s America.


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