Research shows that liberals have higher IQs

Peer-reviewed research done by the Social Research Institute of Massachusetts just released today provides compelling evidence that liberals have higher IQs than conservatives.  The study, led by Dr. Randall Malcolm, compared the results of IQ tests given to 455 people who each self proclaimed as “very liberal”, “somewhat liberal”, “somewhat conservative”, or “very conservative”.

The results, shown below, demonstrate a strong correlation between high intelligence and liberal leanings.


While this is strong evidence that liberals tend to be more intelligent, Dr. Malcolm explains, “the results do not mean we can guarantee someone who has a lower than average intelligence will be a conservative.”  He points out that there were some high IQ conservatives and some low IQ liberals in the sample group.  “It simply means there is a much higher likelihood.”

These findings add to the already well-known link between education level and liberal views.


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