Now it’s time to start talking about Aleppo

November 8th was not a good day in America, but Syria has been having some very bad days as well.

As a matter of fact, there have been around 400,000 casualties.  And what has president-elect Trump done about it?  Nothing.

The civil war has been going on since 2012 and all Trump and his supporters have done during that time is criticize President Obama.  I for one am not going to sit back and let it continue.  I have a voice and I’m going to use it.



Back when George W. Bush was president, talking about violence in the Middle East was commonplace on the news media.  For those of us old enough, we remember how good it felt to speak out against such a war-monger like Bush.

It’s been too long really.  Being against Middle East violence, and especially US bomb strikes have been the territory of whack-job libertarians, who were really guided by their racist hate of Obama.  Although even they have been fully unaware of the Syrian conflict.  But now, liberals can be anti-war again, and Aleppo is our territory.

It’s time now to be critical of the new administration’s foreign policy.  Get the momentum going for January 20th.  We’re starting to see Aleppo on CNN, and talked out in the New York Times; and it’s beautiful.  Posting about it on Facebook really feels good doesn’t it?  If you haven’t yet, try it now.

All those bottled up emotions can be let out now.  For the past four years, Aleppo has been a very complicated conflict, and we can all know that Obama has had everyone’s best interests in his heart.  But now Aleppo has suddenly become very simply, Trump’s fault.

Take an example of these 85 civilians who were killed by US drone strikes.  The government has stated that this was due to a mistake.  Surely, the mistake is Donald Trump.  Nevermind the timeline of events and rest assured that Trump is surely to blame, as well as his accomplices in the Republican controlled Congress.

With Trump’s relentless hate, he tried to sidetrack Obama’s presidency over the past two terms.  This had the president searching for his birth certificate and wrestling to get his monumental health care law passed.  For this reason, criticism has been unwarranted for US foreign policy during that time.

So now is the time!  Take to social media, now.  Americans should not be ignorant of Aleppo.


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