You’ll be outraged at why Trump invited Kanye

When Donald Trump invited Kanye West to Trump Tower, it wasn’t just to catch up on old times.  The president-elect had much more in mind when he invited the famous rapper.

Bernie Sanders has pointed out, Trumps “anti-establishment” cabinet is loaded with billionaires.  And now, has met with yet another rich male.  The incoming administration is the essence of privilege.

Trump’s actions flies right in the face of democracy.  And now that we have found out what his intentions were in meeting with Kanye West, it reaches a new level.


If you’re not angered by this meeting between these two billionaires, you might want to check your pulse, or maybe your privilege.

The worst part is the fact that Kanye West being black, shows Trumps real intentions.  What he is saying to black Americans and to minorities in general is absolutely triggering.

Another example of evidence of how racist Trump and his supporters are.  I just can’t imagine where he plans to take this white supremacy next.


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