Ten reasons Taxation is NOT Theft

  1.  By staying in this country, you’re consenting to be taxed.  You always have the choice to move somewhere else, but by staying here in America, you consent to live by the rules of society.
  2. You signed the Social Contract.  While you may not realize it, by being born, you agreed to live by the rules of society.  By day one, you could have said no, but of course, you’d rather pay tax and enjoy it’s benefits.  This is the Social Contract: you pay taxes and government gives you security, healthcare, and roads.
  3. Taxes go right back to you.  Taxation can’t be theft because YOU are the one who benefits.  The government knows you better than you think, and they know better than you what you need and how to spend your money.
  4. Government is more efficient than the private sector.  If private corporations can provide us with everything, then why don’t they?  Why do we NEED a government who asks us for some taxes?  Because once you remove profit from the equation, you increase efficiency.
  5. People are selfish.  Private enterprise cannot build roads, and courts, and police, because people don’t want to help others unless there’s something in it for themselves.  Therefore, society has created government to be an entity that asks for nothing in return.  Society can’t function without government, and taxes to pay for it.
  6. It’s the law!  Not paying taxes is illegal and paying them is mandatory.  This means it’s impossible for it to be theft.
  7. It’s good for the economy.  If people selfishly hoarded all their money, there would be no commerce and no jobs.  Paying the government your fair share creates jobs and simply moves money around.  This is how economics works.
  8. Government employees are not your slaves.  They are selflessly dedicating their lives to serve you.  You should pay them for their time.  You have no moral leg to stand on if you want their service but think you’re above paying them.
  9. You’ve accepted the perks of government.  Are you living in the woods making your own food?  If you’re reading this, probably not.  If you drive on the roads then you’re accepting the price to pay for it.
  10. Some things can’t be paid for voluntarily.  Imagine if Costco started threatening to throw people in jail if they don’t pay for their products.  Why would you ever voluntarily pay for Wal-Mart’s products if you already must pay to shop at Costco?  Wal-Mart wouldn’t exist if Costco could tax people.  That’s why the government doesn’t have competition.  There aren’t any other road builders, because taxation destroys competition.  And since there aren’t any other roads to drive on, we have to drive on the government’s roads.  And since we drive on them, we’re consenting to pay for them, which means taxation isn’t theft.  We must pay taxes so we can have roads.

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